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ACEO - Vine by drachenmagier
ACEO - Vine
Foldable ACEO for Doodlebotbop

Still the same soundtrack while drawing, still on Greek Fire - On Top Of The World (hey, I like that song d: ).

Traditional media with extra glitter inside. Folded 6.4x8.9cm big.
From top to bottom:
Full card front
Folded card front
Full card backside
ACEO - Kashmir and Al-Azhar by drachenmagier
ACEO - Kashmir and Al-Azhar
ACEO for Woodswallow :)
I love to toy with foldable extras on those cards. :D

Size card 6.4x8.9cm, as long as the wings are folded in it still fits into a normal collectors pouch. :)

I was mostly listening to On Top Of The World - Greek Fire while colouring this one.

From top to bottom:
Full card front
Folded card
Full card backside
Puff by drachenmagier
Acrylics practice on A4 mixed media paper.
And each time I see it, I'm instantly thinking of this song. Even though his fire spitting is most likely not very epic. Hey, spitting fire is something you have to practice hard before it looks good. d:

(Though I was mostly listening to the OST of Valkyrie Crusade while painting.)

I'm really tempted to print t-shirts with it. Anybody here interested too? 

Critiques always highly appreciated. :D


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Wolfwings102 Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is amazing, I love the dragons you do.
Felanore Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
And then, you got another watcher.

Too bad, you were doing so well staying inconspicuous until now...
Nyrina Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
*verliert gerade ihre Kinnlade...*

Deine Bilder sind der Wahnsinn. Und erst die faltbaren ACEOS ...pure Liebe. <3 Wie kann man nur so brialliant sein? Ich freue mich jedenfalls gerade über alle Maße dich hier gefunden zu haben.

Vielleicht darf ich dich ja eines Tages nach einem ACEO-Trade fragen...und bis dahin (und darüber hinausgehend): bitte mach weiter so. Du bist eine enorm große Inspiration und deine Bilder spornen an, verleiten zum Malen und machen einfach glücklich.

Hab Dank *verbeug*
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minadaviesart Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  New member Professional General Artist
hei there! i love your work, it's brilliant!

that is my page. if you enjoy it, please comment/like/share!

thank you and have a wonderful day! :-)
Eonari Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015
Hi, you interested in something relevant to random game, gods, cats, f***ed up Japan, and possibly Drakengard? I got absolutely no idea what this game is, but browsing Kotaku I found this… and going further down the rabbit hole watching the next video (beware, the first ten seconds may take a big chunk of your HP) and I came to wonder... that laugh... is that Michail!?!?…
But if Egyptian gods really do exist, I think Bastet might be ruling the world by now because, well, you know, cat pictures, videos, kawaii catgirls and whatnot, she's obviously quite the tactician in getting her worshipers. :XD:
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