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wildfire elf by drachenmagier
wildfire elf
The next I'm-bored-so-I'm-drawing-elves-Elf, still pretty unusable and skintight armor, but this time with shorter hair. d: And fire themed, since I was asked for it. :)

I was listening to lots of Vocaloids - Wildfire while colouring. Wouldn't have guessed that I would ever like a Vocaloids track, but this one is really nice. Different, but nice. :)

Markers and fineliners on A5 fabriano paper.
Critiques always highly appreciated. :)
singer by drachenmagier
I was bored. So, I drew what I like drawing the most: Elfs with silly hair and skintight armor~. : D

While listening to diverse soundtracks and fansongs to Ar Tonelico. Like this one.
plant elf by drachenmagier
plant elf
Initially, that was just a small doodle for swirls and skin tight armor. Then I liked it too much to just scrap it and coloured it.

As for the title... I have an uncreative title-day? d:

Fineliners and Copics on A5ish Fabriano paper.
Critiques like always highly appreciated. :)
creeping wire by drachenmagier
creeping wire
Who said we notice all the parasites living on what we think is safe? d:

Haven't drawn my owl gryphons in a while. :) And the draft for that one had been in my for-later-ideas-folder for ages.

I guess I listened to a rather weird combination of music while working on that one. Sometimes to Mozart Opera Rock L'assasymphonie, then I switched to Powerwolf and their Army of the Night and then to Civil War - I will rule the Universe.

Traditional media (watercolours, markers, acrylics) on Fabriano paper. A bit longer than A3.

Critiques always highly appreciated. :)

This is somewhat strange O_o

Mon Sep 28, 2015, 1:23 PM

I'm not complaining about new watchers, but in the last 2 months I got daily a massive amount of new watchers.

All of them users who registered on the very day they started to watch me. Most of them with empty profiles. And non of them ever doing anything else BUT watching me.

This is seriously starting to freak me out. Anybody any idea what's going on?

Small Edit: Got linked an explanation. :)…
Good thing to know! Now I can just sit back and enjoy, instead of worrying about being 4-chan-famous or having a psychotic stalker who creates 10+ accounts each day. :D

Besides that: The religions in the area are getting crazier by the day.
I just got a flyer from Aschtar Scheran, the commander of the Great Spacefleet of Angels of Heaven, who fight the enslavement of humankind by lizard people and tell you to boycot barcodes and RFID to support their angelic quest. O_o

No, this is not a joke. See for yourself. d:

Untitled by drachenmagier

Untitled by drachenmagier

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NightmareMJ Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Digital Artist
Actually your stuff is so good it hurts. It has influenced me(the straw so to speak) to decide that I am going to leave art sites, stop looking at others art as much as I can, and attempt to only allow my strength to come from within (since it is denied me to get it from without), source my inspiration from my own imagination and the world experienced first hand by my senses. This feeling of "they embody everything you were trying to do and say the message already" and the apathy that pours from it into my heart. No. I must leave so that myself may grow. Thank you for being yourself and putting your heart out there in your art to influence me to this decision and help me see what was the source of unhealthiness in my life with regards to my self expression.
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CSA-FDoL Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Your traditional art is wonderful!
Your drawings are full of colors and details, and every one of them is breathtaking!! I can look at them forever... and then look at them again! Keep being so great! You surely inspire a lot of people!
(1 Reply)
AshuxThexNagaxPrince Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
He gazed with wide eyes, "Y..your art touches me... It really brings me one with the universe, and all in it.... O..Only my big brothers art has done that before........" He gazes on at it
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NightmareMJ Featured By Owner 5 days ago   Digital Artist're resonates with my soul... It has been a long time since I've felt this feeling...
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Seidr1310 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  New Deviant
I totally love your art! Really, amazing gallery, and your tutorials are great. I started to fav every drawing, and just when I was thinking I had to stop, I saw your ID and... had to fav it too! Keep up with the incredible work please! Love :happybounce: +fav Clap 
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